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Flying with GoGo Inflight Internet on Delta

Gogo inflight internet logo

Just over Bradshaw City Arizona, 334 east of LAX, just north of Pheonix at and altitude of 35004 feet.  Flying at 581mph with an outside temperature of -70 degrees.

My Delta flight from LAX to Atlanta is fitted out with WiFi from GoGo Inflight Internet.  Figured I try it out and tell you what it is like.  Connection and sign-up was fast and easy.  I opened up my WiFi connections box and selected the GoGo option and clicked connect.  Opened by browser and it loaded a welcome page from the GoGo service instead of my home page.

Noticed that a discount option was available.  Kind of a random game, if you win you get free internet, if you play you will at least get %25 off the service.  You must enter an  email address to play.  The game started and played out on it's own without any interaction from me.  I came in third out of three, getting a discount code.

The single flight cost was $12.95, a full day was also $12.95 so I went with the full day.  With the discount code I won the final cost was $9.71.

My connection seems pretty good.  The online interface for my blog software is responding well.  But I'm using an eeePC netbook from ASUS, a low powered version of a laptop, so I'm not sure if some of the lag I'm seeing isn't due to my netbooks slow low power Intel Atom processor.  Watched my favorite inflight music video "United Breaks Guitars", it is up to 7.7 million views.  The video streamed pretty well, it skipped a few frames now and then but I think that was due to the netbooks lack of power.

Tested the speed of the connection using and it showed .67mb/s upload and .31mb/s download speeds, pretty slow.  But I was able to do a two way video call via Skype and it worked pretty well.  Both audio and video skipped some, but after turning off the video the audio improved in both directions. 

Most web page loaded well, those with heavy graphics took some time.  I suspect the connection speed would vary based on the number of users in the plane right now. 

Big queston is...  Now that I can do even more work while I'm flying... Do I want to??? 

For more information: GoGo Inflight Internet / WiFi With Wings.