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Staying Connected Gets Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper


Voice over internet Services like Skype,, and Google talk,, have changed the way I communicate while on the road. TB 

When I was a gawky teenager, my parents took me to Europe, broadened my horizon, and changed my life. After I graduated high school, I was ready to travel to Europe on my own, but my parents were nervous. To earn their blessing, I had to make two promises: I wouldn’t go to Turkey (because they were worried I’d be sold into the white slave trade) and I’d write home every other day. My dad figured that if the postcards stopped coming, at least he’d know where to begin looking.

Today, it’s a new world. When my kids travel to Europe, I can track them down instantly on their cell phones. What’s even more remarkable, if we both use a computer, I can see them while we talk — usually at no cost to either of us.