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U.S. vacationers undeterred by drug-related violence in Mexico | Travel Weekly


I took the above photo while on a Carnival Cruises shore excursion in Ensenada Mexico. TB

RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico — Travelers to Mexico say they are enjoying their vacations and not letting concerns about drug-related violence stop them from visiting what they consider safe tourist destinations.

"One of my co-workers asked me why I was going and whether I was scared," said Amy Thill of Buffalo, N.Y., who is vacationing in the Riviera Maya with her sister. "I feel very safe."

Mexico made headlines this month with the killings of three people affiliated with the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, a border town just south of El Paso, Texas, and of 32 people in a three-day period in Acapulco, the seaside resort city on Mexico’s west coast. The killings are believed to be drug-related.


Urban Legend: Disney Swan and Dolphin Reversed? | Yesterland


Legend: Take a careful look at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. The giant rooftop statues don’t match the paint schemes and ornaments. The swans are on the building with the ocean waves and seashells. The dolphins are on the building with the leaves and park-like fountains. That’s because a helicopter crew installed the statues on the wrong buildings. The hotel company had to swap the names. The Swan became the Dolphin and the Dolphin became the Swan.

Status: False


8 tips for booking a table at a 3-star Michelin restaurant | Chris


A lot of hungry people read and commented on my recent 3-star Parisian dining experiences at Le Meurice and Guy Savoy. In case you’re ready to shell out the dough yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience,  I asked Michelin for a few tips on how to score a hard-to-get reservation at a top restaurant. Here’s what they said:  

1. Be persistent: When the reservation phone line offers a continuous busy signal, become friends with your redial button. To multiply your chances, dial simultaneously from your home phone and cell phone (and, I’d say, recruit a friend or two to help). If you are making the reservation online, be the first to take advantage of a late cancellation by clicking “refresh” often. Also, visit the restaurant’s reservation page in the middle of the night, when most systems refresh their data.


Frequent Flier Rebound: How to Fly for Free | ABC News


From One-Way Awards to Cash-Point Combos, it's a New World of Mileage Use

My cousin Carol recently stopped over to visit me in Los Angeles. She lives in San Francisco, and was returning from a trip to New York to see her daughter who's in college there. So her journey comprised three airline flights: from San Francisco to New York, from New York to Los Angeles, and from Los Angeles back to San Francisco.


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