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I took the above photo while on a Carnival Cruises shore excursion in Ensenada Mexico. TB

RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico — Travelers to Mexico say they are enjoying their vacations and not letting concerns about drug-related violence stop them from visiting what they consider safe tourist destinations.

"One of my co-workers asked me why I was going and whether I was scared," said Amy Thill of Buffalo, N.Y., who is vacationing in the Riviera Maya with her sister. "I feel very safe."

Mexico made headlines this month with the killings of three people affiliated with the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, a border town just south of El Paso, Texas, and of 32 people in a three-day period in Acapulco, the seaside resort city on Mexico’s west coast. The killings are believed to be drug-related.

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