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Regular traffic of leagal travelers from Mexico has been dropping over the past 2 years.  I understand that most of that is due to the fears of Mexican Citizens to approach boarder towns due to drug related violence. Video reminder of life in Mexico today. TB

Last week, after the state of Arizona passed one of the toughest immigration measures in U.S. history, Mexican President Felipe Calderón issued a travel warning for Mexicans planning to visit the Southwestern state. It's rare that America is the recipient, and not the issuer, of a travel warning--notable exceptions include the E.U. discouraging citizens against visits there last fall due to swine flu fears, and Canada issuing a symbolic warning in 2002 to protest America's tough new antiterror laws. But Mexico's move is among the first times a developing country has exhorted its people to avoid the U.S.--and it's hardly an empty threat. If Mexicans follow Calderón's advisory, the economic impact on Arizona could be devastating.