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Chase a solar eclipse in unique style this summer |


On July 11th of this year, the moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, creating a total solar eclipse that will cast portions of the planet in complete darkness for up to 4 minutes. The best place to view this astronomical phenomenon will be in the South Pacific, with prime viewing locations along a few atolls in French Polynesia and on remote Easter Island. Actually, those places will be the second best place to see it, as a once in a lifetime travel opportunity will give 41 lucky travelers a unique and very personal view of the eclipse – from the air.


Tours of a Lifetime | National Geographic


We’re traveling again. Tour operators are reporting big spikes in inquiries and bookings. But an uncertain economy, ongoing wars, and the fragile health of the planet have, perhaps permanently, reordered priorities. Travelers now seek more perspective, meaning, and challenge. They want to see the unvarnished reality of a place, not just the fantasy. Outfitters have responded by dialing down the luxury and refocusing on core offerings. Their itineraries are more innovative and experiential—aimed at developing lasting connections between people. Here are 50 of the world's best guided tours for 2010, as chosen by the editors of National Geographic Traveler magazine.


35 fantastic U.S. beaches for Summer |


Summer is fast approaching. Where are you going to spend your vacation? How about visiting one of our country's many fantastic beach locations? Bring your lover or family, a bathing suit, sun lotion, a blanket and a picnic basket, and you are all set for a romantic get-away or a relaxing family get-together on one of these magnificent sandy stretches. Wondering if we picked one of your favorites? Take a look below!


FL Tourism Officials Try to Quell Oil Concerns


There are no tar balls on Florida beaches. No sheen has washed ashore anywhere in the state. Forecasters are predicting it will be five days or more before any oil from the Gulf spill could arrive on Florida's shores — and even then they say the damage may be minimal and isolated.

But that reality isn't the perception among some would-be out-of-state tourists, who have been calling seaside resorts this week from the Panhandle to the Keys, fearing the beaches are about to blackened and their vacations ruined. Some hotels are reporting 10 percent cancellations.


Vacation Rentals: Summer Travel Savings Tips | ABC News


Vacation rentals continue to be a popular and growing part of the accommodations spectrum. Compared with hotels, motels and resorts, they offer some combination of more room for the dollar, lower cost per person, often superior locations, and the ability to cut costs by preparing some of your own meals. Unlike hotels and motels, however, the vacation rental marketplace is chaotic, and you may well wonder how to approach it.


Sunday Travel Sections

Some of the best from Sunday's newspaper travel sections.

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