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Seven chances to try a new job around the world |


Do you feel a bit confined by your gig? Sure, the cash is great, but you are held hostage by it. You can't throw it all away and chase your low-paying dream. Well, now you have a chance to turn the paycheck that keeps you in the office 14 hours a day into the chance to try something new, even if only briefly. Cox & King is offering several packages designed to give you a once-in-a-lifetime shot at living your dream.


Best Hotels in the World | Expedia

I'm still not sure I trust these lists.  They can be manipulated by properties who can load up their ranking with positives and degrade their competition. TB

The best hotels for any destination—and any budget
We know top hotels. And so do our customers. So who better than Expedia to provide a list of the best hotels in the world? Expedia Insiders’ Select is just that: an easy-to-browse list of top hotels in terms of value and quality, as determined by our experts—and millions of customers just like you. See the Expedia list Click Here.

Roman cities of the Middle East | 501 Places

Palmyra Syria

Wandering among the impressive ruins of the great Roman cities of Palmyra or Jerash it is hard to imagine that this was the south-eastern extremity of the Roman empire. It’s a world away from the windswept isolation of Hadrian’s Wall in northern England, at the opposite end of Rome’s conquered lands. These cities are vast, and the central structures have been preserved and restored to allow us a glimpse of how these trading centres and military outposts might have looked two thousand years before.


Mexico Issues Travel Warning on U.S. |


Regular traffic of leagal travelers from Mexico has been dropping over the past 2 years.  I understand that most of that is due to the fears of Mexican Citizens to approach boarder towns due to drug related violence. Video reminder of life in Mexico today. TB

Last week, after the state of Arizona passed one of the toughest immigration measures in U.S. history, Mexican President Felipe Calderón issued a travel warning for Mexicans planning to visit the Southwestern state. It's rare that America is the recipient, and not the issuer, of a travel warning--notable exceptions include the E.U. discouraging citizens against visits there last fall due to swine flu fears, and Canada issuing a symbolic warning in 2002 to protest America's tough new antiterror laws. But Mexico's move is among the first times a developing country has exhorted its people to avoid the U.S.--and it's hardly an empty threat. If Mexicans follow Calderón's advisory, the economic impact on Arizona could be devastating.


Travel Industry Launches First-Ever Industrywide Promotion to Stimulate Travel

Hoping to stimulate summer travel within the United States, nearly 50 of America's top destinations and travel brands have collaborated on a new travel promotion, its creator, the U.S. Travel Association, announced yesterday.

Called Discover America Daily Getaways, the one-month promotion is being sponsored by American Express and runs from May 3 to June 4. Its centerpiece is a website,, where travelers can find deals and discounts from hotels, airlines, rental car companies, attractions and more.


World's Best Small Cruise Ships | ABC News

Cruise West the Spirit of Nantucket

If you long for the open ocean but bristle at the thought of all-night discos, thousand-seat dining rooms or congested Caribbean ports-turned-duty-free-shopping-malls, know this: Not all cruise ships are vast, floating resorts.

A diminutive but growing industry niche revolves around small vessels -- a wide-ranging group that includes yachts, rugged expedition ships and classic sailing schooners -- where passenger counts top out at 200, rather than 2,000.


Sunday Travel Sections

Some of the best from Sunday's newspaper travel sections.

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