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The new World Of Color at Disney California Adventure

World Of Color at Disney Californai Adventure

Disney California Adventure is located adjacent to Disneyland in Anaheim California.  This park has not been a massive hit with visitors.  As a result a major renovation is in the works.  One of the first major upgrades just opened, the new World Of Color water spectacular. 

After seeing the World Of Color show last night I have to say that it will be a big hit.  A combination of water fountains, brilliant colors, projected animated cartoon characters, laser lights, bubbles, and fountains of fire are all set to an outstanding music track.  And it is big, very big, I would estimate it expands to 100 yards wide at times.  If you go to Youtube you can see the complete show.  But if you think you may someday visit the park I suggest you not spoil the experience and see it for the first time live and in person.

A dedicated seating area has been constructed to help contain the crowds that want to see the show.  Entrance into this area is via ticket.  Check out the Disney website to learn about the various free and paid ways to get a ticket. Travel Blogger....