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Secrets to Getting a Free Hotel Upgrade: Travel Tips for the Best Rooms - ABC News

So you've chosen your hotel. You've made sure it has all the practical amenities you require: it's in the ideal location, and it has ambience and flair at just the right price. And you've done your homework -- surfed the Web for the best rates, maybe gotten an online discount or a weekend special, even picked up the phone and called the hotel yourself to make sure it offers what you need.



Unknown Greece: Nine Places to Avoid the Crowds | BootsnAll


The ancient cities of Thessaloniki and Athens, with their monuments and museums, along with the “sexy” islands like Mykonos and their white-washed buildings and pristine beaches, are classic stops on tours of Greece for their culture, history and beauty. However, some of Greece’s lesser-known natural wonders, authentic towns and archaeological sites are just as stunning – and have many fewer tourists, allowing for a more intimate experience.  Including any of the following nine places in your itinerary will make your trip even more memorable.


Bumping off your travel partner: tips for the perfect travel murder


I wasn't sure what category to place this under... Travel Tips?  TB.

This colourful topic arose as an after-dinner conversation on our holiday with fellow travellers and was admittedly fuelled by a drink or two along the way. I thought it worth sharing here purely as entertainment, and certainly not to provide anyone with ideas of how to mysteriously dispose of the love of their life. So as the saying goes, please do not try any of these at home. As the post will demonstrate, each method has its serious pitfalls.