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Hawaii for Lovers: Six Ways to Share the Islands with Someone Special | BootsnAll

Romantic Hawaii Sunset

You can almost feel it: the plumeria scented breeze in your hair, warm sand between your toes, the heat of the last rays of the sun as it dips into the endless Pacific, your lover’s hand in the small of your back as you walk, coconut drinks in hand, beneath the nodding palms.  Just the name Hawaii tastes as sweet on your tongue as the pineapples grown there.  It’s at the top of the “dream destination” list for many, and if you’re lucky enough to visit in the company of a lover, well, you’re lucky enough.


Slideshow - Sailing the Galapagos Islands in style -

Blue-Footed Boobies on Galapagos Islands 
With its Giant Tortoises, fearless Sea Lions, colorful crabs and endless other vivid and unusual species, the Galapagos Islands maintain an almost mythical status among the world's must-see natural wonders.

And if you're fortunate enough to find yourself in this remote archipelago in the east Pacific, then experiencing it from the deck of a yacht is almost certainly the best way to go.



How to visit Napa Valley for not much money - USATODAY

Grapes In Hand 
 NAPA, Calif.  No doubt about it, the Napa Valley can be expensive. Hundred-dollar bottle of wine? They've got it. Thousand-a-night hotel suite? Right this way. But there are vine values to be found if you know where to look.

Want to glide up a mountain by gondola? See avant-garde art in a garden setting? Sip sparkling wine on a verandah with a view? You can and all for about what you'd pay for an appetizer at a temple of haute cuisine.

Here are five things to do in wine country that cost $25 or less each.


Ryanair CEO questions the need for co-pilot - replace them with flight attendants -

Air Hostess 
Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary is making the news again. And as usual, the news is controversial and absurd. O'Leary is apparently fed up with paying for two people to fly his planes, and wants to convince safety regulators that one pilot would be more than enough. In a magazine interview, O'Leary had the following to say:

Why does every plane have two pilots? Really, you only need one pilot. Let's take out the second pilot. Let the bloody computer fly it.


Using a mobile travel application offline with no roaming fees

The iPhone has opened the door to a world of opportunity for consumers’ personal lives. More and more developers are jumping on board daily to create useful apps for travellers.

Despite all of this, there are several features and details which consumers need to be wary of. For instance, a consumer finance site has highlighted that many budget travel apps have an enormous flaw.

In its analysis, WalletPop has emphasised on expenditure pertaining to international data usage.

“To the shame of many short-sighted iPhone app developers, many budget travel apps have an enormous flaw. This fatal issue could turn a 99-cent app intended to save you cash into a nightmarish drain on your cell phone bill. The problem: Many travel apps require a data connection to work,” highlighted an article from the site.