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Hospitality Business News: Keep Track of Bad Guests


The purpose is to help Hotel Operators determine whether or not they should accept a reservation from certain people or, simply pass. To say that this a new concept would not be true. What's new is the trend to organize and distribute this data among hotels and, perhaps in the future, restaurants. Many hotels now refuse guests based on their perceived or real behaviour. For example many hotels in Florida and the Caribbean will not accept reservations for "Spring Break" groups. In Europe hotels shy away from groups of British Soccer fans.


Cruise lines getting worse than airlines — now Carnival charges for 4 entrées

Cruise ships have come a long way in the last 20 years. Once the province of seniors, honeymooners and party-types, cruise lines have increasingly become a popular mainstream vacation for all ages, including families.

One of the strongest seller points for a vacation at sea has always been the all-inclusive nature, at least regarding food. Now, the free, all-you-can-eat seems to be going overboard.


10 great motorcycle trips -

Fall is the perfect time for a two-wheeled road trip, says Gary McKechnie, author of Great American Motorcycle Tours (Avalon, $21.95), the country's best-selling travel guide for riders. "This is when you get those beautiful bright-blue skies, and the air is crisp." He shares some of his favorite rides - which are also great in cars - with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.