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Slideshow: Floating spa offers oasis of calm -

City dwellers in search of an oasis of calm need look no further than the "Bota Bota" -- a former ferry turned floating health spa.

Docked at the Old Port of Montreal, the reinvented vessel offers luxury pampering spread across five ship decks -- including a cocktail bar-cum-pedicure lounge, a vast open air whirlpool and a sub-aquatic changing room.


American Airlines initiates fare hike, others follow -

American Airlines initiated on Monday a domestic airfare hike of $5 one-way for flights over 500 miles ($10 roundtrip) and $3 one-way for shorter flights ($6 roundtrip) across the bulk of its route system, says Rick Seaney, CEO of

Its competitors, including low-cost airlines, have matched the hike throughout Tuesday, including Continental, Delta, United, US Airways, Virgin America, Alaska, Frontier and Southwest. It "virtually guarantee(s) this to be one of the few successful hike attempts this year," he says.


Do Two Cancellations Make a Right? - WSJ

I rarely write about my own travel experiences, even though I think it’s important for me to experience a lot of travel on a lot of airlines. Part of my job is to retell other people’s experiences and spot trends and patterns that happen to lots of travelers.

But this time, I thought my experience in Madrid was an opportunity to explain to readers a bit more about how airlines think and how they operate. It’s often an ugly picture, as this week’s Middle Seat shows.

Like many travelers, I found myself face-to-face with an airline agent yelling because I thought the woman had lied to me and my wife. Repeatedly over the past couple of hours. Or so it seemed. That’s when I realized writing about the experience might be illuminating for travelers.


Gift Idea: Waterfield Camera Cases

Gift Idea - I don't like to toss loose gear into a bag.  And sense I use old briefcases as gear bags to limit the chance of attracting a criminals attention.  And since they don't have padding for equipment I put my stuff in individual bags inside the case.  WaterField cases are perfect for my needs.

I have been using a WaterField Designs case for the past six months.  I got it originally to fit my G11, but It ended up using it for a HD video camera aCanon VIXIA HFM30.  It still looks as good as new after a month in Paris, two weeks in Italy, and 4-6 weeks on the road here in the States.  WaterField sent me a sample.

WaterField camera case

Except for this WaterField case, right now inside my briefcase I’m using bubble pack padded envelopes reinforced around the edges with packing tape.   They work OK for a few weeks of action but then need replacing. 

NOTE: These cases are DESIGNED & MADE IN AMERICA.  I like that!

Camera and other types of cases are listed here: