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Bedbug complaints prompt British Airways to fumigate 747 - USATODAY

Common Bedbug on airline
The bedbug panic appears to be spreading to the skies.

The Daily Mail of London reports "British Airways grounded two jumbo jets after a passenger complained of being badly bitten by bed bugs during two separate long-haul flights."

BA confirmed bedbugs had been found on one of those jets --both Boeing 747-400s -- and that it has put the plane back into service after being fumigated.

The story came to light after a 28-year-old Yahoo! executive claimed she was bitten by the bugs on two separate BA flights -- one from London Heathrow to Los Angeles in January and on another from Bangalore to London Heathrow in February. BA says it fumigated the 747 that flew the London-L.A. flight.


California Holiday Inn Express has a "no locals" policy - USATODAY

A California woman says that her local Holiday Inn Express hotel in Natomas wouldn't let her rent a room one weekend night because it bans locals from renting rooms and she's a local resident, ABC's Sacramento affiliate reports.

"The young lady behind the desk said, "Oh, I'm sorry. We don't rent rooms to anyone from Sacramento," the woman, Debbie, told ABC-Channel 10. ABC's story said the woman did not want her last name used.


Revolution Chasers Redefine Adventure Travel - ABC News

Forgive travelers like Ali Caldicott who see countries in turmoil as irresistible adventures.

Egypt, Somalia, Afghanistan, take your pick. The bigger the upheaval, the more tempting, as far as these adventure travelers are concerned.

"Curiosity, mainly," Caldicott, 33, said matter-of-factly, explaining his risky travel preferences.

Among his destinations, which he has charted in a series of books from some of the world's most difficult locations: Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, the Palestinian territories, parts of Colombia and Myanmar, to name a few.