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Bedbug complaints prompt British Airways to fumigate 747 - USATODAY

Common Bedbug on airline
The bedbug panic appears to be spreading to the skies.

The Daily Mail of London reports "British Airways grounded two jumbo jets after a passenger complained of being badly bitten by bed bugs during two separate long-haul flights."

BA confirmed bedbugs had been found on one of those jets --both Boeing 747-400s -- and that it has put the plane back into service after being fumigated.

The story came to light after a 28-year-old Yahoo! executive claimed she was bitten by the bugs on two separate BA flights -- one from London Heathrow to Los Angeles in January and on another from Bangalore to London Heathrow in February. BA says it fumigated the 747 that flew the London-L.A. flight.