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Podcast: Travel to Charlottesville, Virginia | The Amateur Traveler

Monticello, Charlottesville Virginia 
The Amateur Traveler talks again to Jason and Janie about their hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Charlottesville was has deep historic roots and the homes of Presidents Jefferson and Madison with the home of Monroe close by as well. Charlottesville is also the home of the University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson was more proud of founding the institution than of being president. The area is now the home to numerous wineries and numerous restaurants and hosts a thriving food culture. Charlottesville is also a gateway to the Shenandoah Valley as well as other areas for hiking and outdoor activities.


U.S. expands travel warning for Mexico

More violence over a wider area in Mexico has caused the U.S. State Department to expand a warning against travel to the country.

The new warning includes the Gulf of California resort area known as Rocky Point and the area in Mexico around the border crossing nearest Tucson. It also warns of continued problems with violence and crime in popular tourist cities such as Monterrey and Acapulco.


TSA Pats Down A Six Year Old … It’s A Non-Story | Flying With Fish

TSA Airport Security Inspection 
Every few days a non-story seems to make its way into the headlines and go viral through the internet, generally ignoring major facts and factors. This week’s non-story that has become a major story once again involves the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there are many valid stories that can be reported on regarding the TSA, but the majority of them don’t make for great sound bites, allow for attention grabbing headlines or play on human emotion.

Last month as the Drexel Family passed through the TSA screening checkpoint at New Orleans’s Louis Armstrong International Airport, Anna, a six-year-old girl, ‘alarmed’ while passing through the Millimeter Wave Advanced Imaging Technology scanner.