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Alaska Airlines ditching prayer cards

Responding to complaints, Seattle-based Alaska Airlines is eliminated in-flight prayer cards Feb. 1.

"This difficult decision was not made lightly. We believe it's the right thing to do in order to respect the diverse religious beliefs and cultural attitudes of all our customers and employees," Alaska Air Group Chairman and CEO Bill Ayer and Alaska Airlines President Brad Tilden wrote to customers Wednesday.


Priceline Kills Off "THE NEGOTIATOR"

New commercial from Priceline shows William Shatner crashing to a fiery death.... Or did he maybe get "beamed up" at the last minute?  Will we ever see "The Negotiator" again?   Shatner is still said to be under contract with Priceline...maybe a Superbowl ad?  Priceline hopes the ad campaign will educate the public that they also offer instant bookings of hotel rooms. TB


New rules make airfare seem higher (even though it isn't) -


(In short all advertising / booking sites, must include all taxes and fees. TB)

(CNN) -- When you look to buy airline tickets later this week, it might seem like prices have shot up. For once, that's not actually the case.

Higher advertised fares are the result of new Department of Transportation rules that are going into effect under the banner "Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections #2."

Higher prices shown up front is one of the four main changes that you'll see when the the new rules go into effect starting Tuesday, so let's talk about what will happen.