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Bellagio of Las Vegas, Room Remodel & New Fountain Tracks

Things have changed since my last visit to the Bellagio in May of 2011.  Not only has the Bellagio of Las Vegas just finished a much needed $70 million room remodel, but they have added three new songs to the music repertoire of the hotels signature fountain.

Couple watching the fountain in front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.
Guest will find the Resort King Rooms now feature either an indigo and silver combination or a green tea and plum palette while the Resort Queen Rooms offer an amber and butterscotch motif.  (butterscotch....did I type butterscotch?  Now I can't stop thinking about sweets and the great pastry and candy at the hotels Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie!)

Photo of a newly remodeled Bellagio Room. Photo provided by Bellagio.
All room three designs can also be booked overlooking the hotels iconic 8 1/2 acre lake and the magical Fountains of Bellagio.  FYI: Music from the fountain is available via the TV, seeing the fountain from the room is a great experience.

The Bellagio fountain as seen from a lake view room.  Paris hotel is just across Las Vegas Blvd.
The performance playlist of the iconic Fountains Of Bellagio has also been updated.  Unlike the old rooms, the Fountains didn't need a bit of improving, but three fantastic new songs have been add to the lineup.  Wonder if I should call them "performances", "shows" or "visual extravaganzas"?  The "spectacle" now includes the classic swing band hit, Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood",  Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean, and diamonds appear above the 8 1/2 acre Bellagio lake with ”The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."  This blend of music and hydro science is done by the folks at WET Design.

Waters dance seem to dance at the fountain that fronts Las Vegas Blvd.

I didn't stay at the Bellagio during my recent Vegas visit in January 2012, it was sold out, so I will review the rooms at a later date.  But I did visit the fountains, and as always they never fail to impress.  One photo provided by property, all others Copyright 2012