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Sunday Travel Section Recap May 27th

Some of the best from Sunday's newspaper travel sections. TB

NY Times: How I Fell for Lisbon

NY Times: Six Sites That Curate Lodging Options So You Don't Have To 

NY Times: 36 Hours in Dresden, Germany

LA Times: London off the beaten path

LA Times: Weekend Escape: Wine, root beer, and rolling hills of Temecula

SF Gate: Sacramento's underground tours reveal hidden past

Miami Herald: Free-wheeling ways - A 300-mile bike trip....

Miami Herald: Vegas gest back in the game with new projects

Miami Herald: Savannah's women rescued its history

Denver Post: Dallas ready to bask in TV spotlight again

Denver Post: Adult friends relive childhood memories at Disneyland

Dallas Morning News: Suit up in Hong Kong

USA Today: Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 with pomp and circumstance

USA Today: Week in review: Top 10 travel stories

Stolen iPhone's adventures on Disney Cruise

pirates on disney ship

Pirates on a Disney ship?  Concerns are that it may be a crew member.... TB

After her iPhone left her possession during a Disney cruise, a woman started noticing new photos being automatically uploaded to her iCloud account. The images include the apparent phone stealer, a woman who appears to be his girlfriend and a bevy of their friends and co-workers. So the woman did what any clever but irate person would do: Upload them to a Facebook gallery, accompanied by hilarious captions.  more:

Sunday Travel Section Recap May 20th

Some of the best from Sunday's newspaper travel sections. TB

NY Times: Just Me and My RV

NY Times: 36 Hours in Napa Valley 

LA Times: Seattle's secret is out: Lake Chelan, Washington

LA Times: Weekend Escape: The small-town charms of Arroyo Grande

SF Gate: Curacao: where art imitates ocean life

SF Gate: Nice, France, blossoms with beaches, culture

SF Gate: Jazz show at Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix

Chicago Tribune: Islands you haven't heard of that you'll want to visit  (slideshow)

Miami Hearld: Africa in a flash

Miami Hearld: Flash sales: It's all in the timing

Denver Post: Gorges du Verdon (Verdon Gorge): "Grand Canyon" of Provence?

Dallas Morning News: Insider’s guide to Santa Fe’s International Folk Art Market

Dallas Mornign News: For beaches with the most space and solitude, consider Plan B

10 Tricky Travel Scams (and How to Beat Them) -

computer keyboard SCAM
You know that old saying—there's a sucker born every minute? Don't be one of them. Stay ahead of the latest travel scams to keep your vacation plans from falling apart. The schemes below may be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to travel cons, but preparing yourself for these sneaky swindles is a good place to start. MORE via

Sunday Travel Section Recap May 13th

Some of the best from Sunday's newspaper travel sections. TB

NY Times: Paradise Lost: A Mother-Daughter Spring Break

NY Times: A French Riviera Gastrocrawl

LA Times: Mother's Day: Carmel Valley Ranch, Cal-a-Vie, more escapes for Mom

LA Times: Portland, Ore., is a smaller, cleaner, wetter alternative to L.A.

SF Gate: Calgary Stampede is Canada's Mardi Gras

Chicago Tribune: Places of note for summer romance (slideshow)

Miami Herald: Touring South Florida's hidden gems

Miami Herald: New South Florida hotels range from earthy to ultra-lux

Denver Post: 2012 Summer Escapes in Colorado

Dallas Morning News: New Mexico - Aztec Ruins joins geotourism trail

USA Today: Portugal: Beautiful, soulful, affordable