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Top 10 wacky U.S. summer events | Reuters

Summer at the beach.
NEW YORK, June 8 (Reuters) - If you're heading on holiday in the United States and enjoy a bit of eccentricity, then you're in luck because summer turns to silly season with these off-the-wall events chosen by online travel adviser TripAdvisor for its top 10 list of wacky U.S. summer events. Reuters has not endorsed this list: 1. Great Texas Mosquito Festival - June 26-28, Clute, Texas Located 55 miles southeast of Houston, Clute will be a-buzz with excitement at the 32nd annual Great Texas Mosquito Festival. Presided over by festival mascot Willie-Man-Chew - the world's largest mosquito, standing at 26 feet tall (and rest assured it's fake)  MORE: