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Weekend Photo - Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs, CA

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Early morning at the Viceroy pool, Palm Springs CA
Last spring I was on vacation with my husband at the Four Seasons, Nevis. As you might expect, it was a lovely vacation at a lovely resort. But there was one problem.

Among the beach chairs the hotel had set up, there were two that were clearly prime seating. They were front row, set apart slightly from the others and under one of the few trees growing out of the sand.

Every day, we wanted to sit in those seats. And no one else was sitting there. So why couldn't we sit there? Because despite the fact that every morning we arrived at the beach no later than 9 a.m., someone else had already put their belongings – towels, sunblock, a book – on the chairs and claimed them. But no one ever arrived to actually sit in the seats, at least, not in the hours we were there. Watching. MORE:  abcnews.go.com