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'Up to Speed' is one trippy travel show - NBCnews

Armchair travelers who find most travel shows a bit too slow — you know, earnest host visits exotic destination and waxes rhapsodic about the major landmarks — are about to get the chance to pick up the pace a bit.

Premiering Aug. 9 on Hulu.com, “Up to Speed” is part travelogue, part performance art and wholly unlike any other travel show out there. Think Mork and Monty Python take Manhattan — and five other destinations — and you begin to get the idea. More:  itineraries.nbcnews.com


Show is on HULU - But you can watch it below.  Good concept but I could only take the hosts voice for about 5 minutes...  Also note that the above "NBC NEWS" story doesn't disclose that NBC owns part of Hulu. TB