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Holiday travel deals: Are they really deals? -

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With Christmas and New Year's Days falling on Tuesdays, many of you will also be taking the two Mondays off from work, meaning two successive four-day weekends and an 11-day period with only three working days. A vacation clearly beckons. But travel suppliers can also look at the calendar, and many hike their rates for what they expect to be top-demand times. More:

10 Tips For International Business Travel |

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International business travel is a different animal when compared to a quick domestic trip. Flying for extended periods of time alone presents its own unique challenges for those who have not done it before. Still, international business travel does not have to be the grueling sort of ordeal that first-timers anticipate by following a few simple guidelines.

For our purposes here, we assume a) you do not have a huge corporate travel department taking care of the details for you, b) you care how much elements of the trip cost and c) can accept a seat in coach.  via

Top 10 free hotel breakfasts - TODAY Travel

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There’s no question that mid-range hotels, including extended stay suites, are doing more to lure in family travelers, particularly on the weekends. Indoor pools, Wi-Fi access and in-room refrigerators are the norm. Most chain hotels offer free breakfast, too. But when it comes to getting the family off to a great start, which hotels offer the best free breakfasts? via

Check Your Passport Today!

Time to make travel plans for the holidays. But before you book your international flights check your passport. In a recent conversation with the staff of the Los Angeles Passport Agency one of the most common issues they run into is passengers dashing over from LAX looking to get their passports renewed. These are passengers who have been denied boarding due to an expired passport.

Passport Booklet

So check your passport before making plans to travel outside the US. This includes Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, even if you are on a cruise ship, you will need a passport. And don't just rely on your memory, Agency staff suggest you put your hands on your passport and check it when you start making your travel plans. They often see individuals who say they have lost their passport, "I thought my passport was in my desk drawer" only to discover it is missing.

Parents also need to be reminded that even if their passports are valid the kids may have expired. Adult passports last 10 years while it is only five years for children.

One last thing, if your passport has less than six months validity on it, investigate your destination an make sure it isn't one of the countries that requires at leas six months remaining before you passport expires. Safe Travels. TB

A Flight Attendants Guide: Travel in Comfort and Style : The Flying Pinto

How you look says a lot about you. I know the last thing you are thinking about when it comes to air travel is style. You’re more interested in how to squeeze everything into your one carry on and all you care about is being in something comfortable for your long flight but, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. If you follow these tips I can all but guarantee you will not only be comfortable, you will be the best dressed on your flight. And, you never know where that might take you.  via