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Check Your Passport Today!

Time to make travel plans for the holidays. But before you book your international flights check your passport. In a recent conversation with the staff of the Los Angeles Passport Agency one of the most common issues they run into is passengers dashing over from LAX looking to get their passports renewed. These are passengers who have been denied boarding due to an expired passport.

Passport Booklet

So check your passport before making plans to travel outside the US. This includes Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, even if you are on a cruise ship, you will need a passport. And don't just rely on your memory, Agency staff suggest you put your hands on your passport and check it when you start making your travel plans. They often see individuals who say they have lost their passport, "I thought my passport was in my desk drawer" only to discover it is missing.

Parents also need to be reminded that even if their passports are valid the kids may have expired. Adult passports last 10 years while it is only five years for children.

One last thing, if your passport has less than six months validity on it, investigate your destination an make sure it isn't one of the countries that requires at leas six months remaining before you passport expires. Safe Travels. TB