TSA plans to fire 25 employees, suspend 19 for improper screening of bags at Newark airport | NJ.com

NEWARK — Capping a yearlong investigation prompted by reports of theft in a baggage room at Newark Liberty International Airport, federal aviation officials moved to fire 25 employees today and suspend 19 others for failing to ensure that checked bags were being screened adequately.

The 44 Newark employees served with termination or suspension proposals, combined with eight dismissals proposed in June under the same investigation, make it the largest personnel action taken by the Transportation Security Administration since the agency was created in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.  MORE: via www.nj.com

Exact Dates When No One Wants to Travel and You Will Find Cheap Airfare : Condé Nast Traveler

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving and Christmas are huge travel times in the U.S., but the weeks immediately surrounding those holidays are low periods. As soon as everyone returns home from their turkey-filled celebrations, nobody really moves much until right around Xmas, when the crowds start to head back to grandma's house to be with family. But then after New Years, travel falls right back down again and stays relatively low until the middle of February, when early spring break trips begin. more: www.cntraveler.com

Delta and United reduce capacity amid demand concerns - Travel Weekly

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Delta Air Lines and United Airlines in the past week alone reduced on a combined basis "about 1% of their seats" for the second half of the year, according to Rodman & Renshaw analyst Dan McKenzie, who cited "the darkening economic outlook" as the trigger for the cuts in capacity.

The carriers are pulling capacity ahead of an expected demand slowdown in the post-Labor Day shoulder season to try to maintain a firm grip on pricing, McKenzie reasoned.

"It's evident the two carriers are continuing to take steps to support pricing in the back half of the year to compensate for the weaker economic backdrop," McKenzie said. MORE: www.travelweekly.com

Spirit Airlines mocks Secret Service hooker scandal with ad - NY Daily News

Spirit Ad - SpiritAirlines.com
Photo: www.SpiritAirlines.com

Spirit Airlines wasted no time mocking the Secret Service’s high-profile hooker scandal.

A promo pushing cheap flights to Colombia features bikini-clad beauties alongside one man in black hooked up to an earpiece, with a can’t-miss tagline: “More bang for your buck.”

The ad also notes that “upfront payment is required,” presumably a jab at one agent accused of not paying the 24-year-old call girl at the heart of the scandal.

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Video: No female TSA agents means no flight for Denver woman - KDVR

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DENVER -- A Denver woman claims she couldn’t board a flight from Wyoming to Denver because of her gender. Jennifer Winning makes the flight from the small airport of Rock Springs, WY to Denver often, but on January 29th it was different.

“They wouldn`t let me get on the plane because I`m female,” Winning said.

She said she checked in and arrived at security about 35 minutes before the scheduled departure of her United flight.

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TSA is blaming Delta. This is a very small airport. They just saw here at the check-in desk. And they closed the flight without her?  Other press coverage says Winning went outside and waited for her plane to land, thinking it would land and she would go inside.  It landed, she went inside, and TSA is saying the flight was closed by Delta.  Winning says she had a lengthly converstation with TSA agent who told her if she was a man he would screen her.  She watched her fellow passengers board the plane.  TB

American Airlines aims to cut 13,000 jobs

American Airlines LogoDALLAS -- The parent of American Airlines wants to eliminate about 13,000 jobs -- 15 percent of its workforce -- as the nation's third-biggest airline remakes itself under bankruptcy protection.

The company proposes to end its traditional pension plans, a move strongly opposed by the airline's unions and the U.S. pension-insurance agency, and to stop paying for retiree health benefits.

AMR Corp. said Wednesday that it must cut labor costs by 20 percent. It will soon begin negotiations with its three major unions, but the president of the flight attendants' union quickly rejected the company's ideas as unacceptably harsh.

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(It may be time to use some of my 103,618 American Airlines AAdvantage miles.... TB)

Alaska Airlines ditching prayer cards

Responding to complaints, Seattle-based Alaska Airlines is eliminated in-flight prayer cards Feb. 1.

"This difficult decision was not made lightly. We believe it's the right thing to do in order to respect the diverse religious beliefs and cultural attitudes of all our customers and employees," Alaska Air Group Chairman and CEO Bill Ayer and Alaska Airlines President Brad Tilden wrote to customers Wednesday.

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New rules make airfare seem higher (even though it isn't) - CNN.com


(In short all advertising / booking sites, must include all taxes and fees. TB)

(CNN) -- When you look to buy airline tickets later this week, it might seem like prices have shot up. For once, that's not actually the case.

Higher advertised fares are the result of new Department of Transportation rules that are going into effect under the banner "Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections #2."

Higher prices shown up front is one of the four main changes that you'll see when the the new rules go into effect starting Tuesday, so let's talk about what will happen.

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