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TSA Airport Security Inspection 
Every few days a non-story seems to make its way into the headlines and go viral through the internet, generally ignoring major facts and factors. This week’s non-story that has become a major story once again involves the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there are many valid stories that can be reported on regarding the TSA, but the majority of them don’t make for great sound bites, allow for attention grabbing headlines or play on human emotion.

Last month as the Drexel Family passed through the TSA screening checkpoint at New Orleans’s Louis Armstrong International Airport, Anna, a six-year-old girl, ‘alarmed’ while passing through the Millimeter Wave Advanced Imaging Technology scanner.

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Bedbug complaints prompt British Airways to fumigate 747 - USATODAY

Common Bedbug on airline
The bedbug panic appears to be spreading to the skies.

The Daily Mail of London reports "British Airways grounded two jumbo jets after a passenger complained of being badly bitten by bed bugs during two separate long-haul flights."

BA confirmed bedbugs had been found on one of those jets --both Boeing 747-400s -- and that it has put the plane back into service after being fumigated.

The story came to light after a 28-year-old Yahoo! executive claimed she was bitten by the bugs on two separate BA flights -- one from London Heathrow to Los Angeles in January and on another from Bangalore to London Heathrow in February. BA says it fumigated the 747 that flew the London-L.A. flight.

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Cheap Flights vs. Safety and Security - ABC News

The Mideast is in turmoil; Christchurch, New Zealand has been devastated by an earthquake; and the death toll in the Mexican drug wars continues to rise. What's a traveler to do?

Good question. Especially when some of these places -- I'm thinking of certain Mexican resort areas -- are so cheap. Bargain airfares abound, which might tempt some to travel to destination they'd be better off avoiding.

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Video: Overweight Passengers' Seat Space on Airlines - ABC News

"It's not my fault that someone else might be obese, so why should I have to give up any of my minimal seat space to an oversize seatmate?"

"Many travelers are overweight for medical or genetic reasons – why should they be penalized?"


Unfortunately, I see no win-win solution to this problem. Both sides of this dispute have validity, but no single approach can accommodate both views. And, as a consumer, you can't do much to avoid difficulty, one way or another.

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Delta Ends SkyMiles Expiration

Delta Airline Logo 
, Feb. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Delta Air Lines today announced it has eliminated the SkyMiles mileage expiration, creating a new industry-leading benefit for all members.  This program change is effective for all accounts as of Jan. 1, 2011, and makes Delta the only major U.S. carrier without mileage expiration.

Previously, miles expired 24 months after a member's last qualifying mileage activity, which required a member to earn or redeem miles within that period.

"Now that our massive frequent flyer program integration is complete, we are focused on smart ways to improve the SkyMiles program for all members," said Jeff Robertson, Delta's vice president – SkyMiles.  "We know how much customers value their miles, so eliminating mileage expiration is a major win for them.  This is yet another benefit that sets us apart from the pack, making Delta a clear leader in loyalty program benefits."

This change is the latest of several enhancements made to the SkyMiles program in the last year including the new Diamond Medallion tier with complimentary lounge access and Rollover Medallion Qualification Miles.  These features complement other recent changes such as the elimination of all award redemption fees and a free first checked bag on Delta flights for Gold, Platinum and Reserve Delta SkyMiles credit card holders from American Express.

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Vision Airlines Initial Sales Exceed $1 Million

Vision Airlines main hub is Desting / Ft Walton Beach Florida, airport code (VPS). www.VisionAirlines.com TB

Vision Airlines, the nation's newest big jet, low-cost carrier, will end its $49* introductory one-way Florida fare sale on Monday, January 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

"However, Vision Airlines still offers the lowest one-way fares in the industry on its direct flights from 17 southern U.S. departure cities to six Florida destinations," says company spokesman Bryan Glazer. "On average, Vision Airlines' fares to Florida cost $89. Fares across the airline's route system range from $69 - $199."

The first flights start taking-off on March 25, 2011.

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American Airlines initiates fare hike, others follow - USATODAY.com

American Airlines initiated on Monday a domestic airfare hike of $5 one-way for flights over 500 miles ($10 roundtrip) and $3 one-way for shorter flights ($6 roundtrip) across the bulk of its route system, says Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare.com

Its competitors, including low-cost airlines, have matched the hike throughout Tuesday, including Continental, Delta, United, US Airways, Virgin America, Alaska, Frontier and Southwest. It "virtually guarantee(s) this to be one of the few successful hike attempts this year," he says.

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Do Two Cancellations Make a Right? - WSJ

I rarely write about my own travel experiences, even though I think it’s important for me to experience a lot of travel on a lot of airlines. Part of my job is to retell other people’s experiences and spot trends and patterns that happen to lots of travelers.

But this time, I thought my experience in Madrid was an opportunity to explain to readers a bit more about how airlines think and how they operate. It’s often an ugly picture, as this week’s Middle Seat shows.

Like many travelers, I found myself face-to-face with an airline agent yelling because I thought the woman had lied to me and my wife. Repeatedly over the past couple of hours. Or so it seemed. That’s when I realized writing about the experience might be illuminating for travelers.

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