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Everyone knows that Thanksgiving and Christmas are huge travel times in the U.S., but the weeks immediately surrounding those holidays are low periods. As soon as everyone returns home from their turkey-filled celebrations, nobody really moves much until right around Xmas, when the crowds start to head back to grandma's house to be with family. But then after New Years, travel falls right back down again and stays relatively low until the middle of February, when early spring break trips begin. more: www.cntraveler.com

What you need to know about tipping - USATODAY.com

Tipping for coffee
Has travel tipping gotten out of hand?

Consultant Keith Anderson of Atlanta thinks so. "I'm 51 years old and I grew up when it was pretty black and white who you tipped. It's grayed tremendously in the last decade or so."

Nowadays, it seems everyone has his or her hand or tip jar out, travelers say, and tipping guidelines can be 50 shades — or more — of gray.

A July USA TODAY online travel survey drew 4,700 respondents, with 79% saying "too many people expect something extra." Seventeen percent said "hard-working people deserve tips," while 4% said they never or rarely tip.  MORE:  travel.usatoday.com

How to Travel on a Budget - US News and World Report

Hiker looks out over Grand Canyon
If the uptick in travel on Memorial Day is any indication, Americans are ready to hit the road again—but they want to save money while they do so. AAA reports a 1.2 increase in travelers over Memorial Day this year as compared with last year. That means it estimates about 34.8 million people traveled at least 50 miles from their home over the holiday weekend.  MORE: money.usnews.com

1$ Ticket Megabus.com Expands - Nashiville, Louisville, Indianapolis & Chicago

Passengers boarding Megabus.com bus.
Book early and your ticket to any city served by MegaBus might be as low as 1$.  Of course only a few tickets are available at these low fares.  These seats go fast, and an average fare for a Boston to NYC run may be around $20.  Some passengers pay less, some pay more.  Known as load balancing, everyone is doing it.  Airlines started it, now hotels, cruises and buses are using computer programs to slowly raise a price based on the number of seats remaining.  This is a great way to stretch your travel dollar.   Another plus is that Megabus offers free WiFi.  Not bad for a hundred pennies.  www.Megabus.com

Secrets to Getting a Free Hotel Upgrade: Travel Tips for the Best Rooms - ABC News

So you've chosen your hotel. You've made sure it has all the practical amenities you require: it's in the ideal location, and it has ambience and flair at just the right price. And you've done your homework -- surfed the Web for the best rates, maybe gotten an online discount or a weekend special, even picked up the phone and called the hotel yourself to make sure it offers what you need.

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How to visit Napa Valley for not much money - USATODAY

Grapes In Hand 
 NAPA, Calif.  No doubt about it, the Napa Valley can be expensive. Hundred-dollar bottle of wine? They've got it. Thousand-a-night hotel suite? Right this way. But there are vine values to be found if you know where to look.

Want to glide up a mountain by gondola? See avant-garde art in a garden setting? Sip sparkling wine on a verandah with a view? You can and all for about what you'd pay for an appetizer at a temple of haute cuisine.

Here are five things to do in wine country that cost $25 or less each.

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Harrah's uses resort fees to take swing at competitors - Las Vegas Sun


This is a great move by Harra's.  I hate resort fees.  Here is a list of Vegas hotels that charge resort fees. TB

Struggling under a mammoth debt burden in penny-pinching times, Strip casino giant Harrah's Entertainment is taking the offensive with a press release informing consumers that none of the company's Las Vegas hotels charge so-called mandatory resort fees.

The release also takes a broad swipe at the competition, including the many Las Vegas hotels that charge such fees.

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