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You know that old saying—there's a sucker born every minute? Don't be one of them. Stay ahead of the latest travel scams to keep your vacation plans from falling apart. The schemes below may be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to travel cons, but preparing yourself for these sneaky swindles is a good place to start. MORE via www.smartertravel.com

I paid $6,995 for a travel club membership — did I just get scammed?

travel graphicCathy Evans doesn’t fit the profile of a typical scam victim. She’s an account manager for a technology company in Boston, and she likes to think of herself as a discerning customer.

So when she got a voice mail on her cell phone offering her a “free” cruise, she did what most savvy consumers do: she deleted it.

But Evans’ boyfriend, who also got the same call, thought the “exclusive, members-only” discounts offered through a travel club called Pacific Palm Destinations in Woburn, Mass, looked appealing.

“He really wanted to go on the trip,” she says.

They attended one of its seminars and they both liked the pitch. “They claimed that they are the largest wholesale travel club and that you can buy any kind of vacation for a fraction of what you’d pay on Orbitz,” she says. Also, the renewal rate was just $169 a month, or $2,028 a year — a fraction of her initial $6,995 membership. She signed up with her credit card on the spot.

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Hospitality Business News: Keep Track of Bad Guests


The purpose is to help Hotel Operators determine whether or not they should accept a reservation from certain people or, simply pass. To say that this a new concept would not be true. What's new is the trend to organize and distribute this data among hotels and, perhaps in the future, restaurants. Many hotels now refuse guests based on their perceived or real behaviour. For example many hotels in Florida and the Caribbean will not accept reservations for "Spring Break" groups. In Europe hotels shy away from groups of British Soccer fans.

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Travel Insurance Warning: No Ash Coverage Anymore | WSJ


I’ve offered repeated warnings over the years about the limits of travel insurance. Travelers often think they have coverage when exclusions and exemptions nullify coverage for the very events they wanted to protect against.

And so it is with the volcanic ash crisis. As of April 13, travel insurance policies generally stopped covering the disruption that resulted from the ash cloud from Iceland.

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Low airfares that vanish in a click | Sun-Sentinel.com


The above is a photo of Chris Elliott taken from his website Elliott.org. He is a great consumer advocate for the traveling public. I'm considering featuring stories from Chris on this site.  Let me know if you dissagree. TB

Now you see it. Now you don't. When you're airfare shopping, attractive prices can vanish in a split second. Just ask Jim Doll, a systems engineer in Atlanta, who recently tried to buy a ticket to San Francisco on AirTran Airways' Web site. He found a one-way fare for just $130, but by the time he'd toggled over to Orbitz.com to see if he could do better there and then clicked back, the price had changed.

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