Stolen iPhone's adventures on Disney Cruise

pirates on disney ship

Pirates on a Disney ship?  Concerns are that it may be a crew member.... TB

After her iPhone left her possession during a Disney cruise, a woman started noticing new photos being automatically uploaded to her iCloud account. The images include the apparent phone stealer, a woman who appears to be his girlfriend and a bevy of their friends and co-workers. So the woman did what any clever but irate person would do: Upload them to a Facebook gallery, accompanied by hilarious captions.  more:

Carnival Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint in Mexico - ABC

Iconic smoke stack on a Carnival Cruise ship as it leaves Long Beach CA.

Twenty-two passengers traveling on a Carnival cruise ship for the trip of a lifetime instead got the scare of a lifetime when they were robbed at gunpoint while on an excursion in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta.

The passengers were robbed Thursday during a guided trail excursion while on a seven-day cruise aboard the Carnival Splendor, the Miami-based cruise line confirmed in a statement released Saturday.

No one was injured and the guests returned safely to the ship, according to Carnival, which did not provide any further details of the robbery except to say the company is assisting guests to reimburse them for lost valuables.


Is Thin Cruise Ship Toilet Paper Making Passengers Sick?

Sick Woman with Toilet Paper

For years I've commented on the incredibly thin, see through, toilet paper found on cruise ships, wondering if this thin and apparently very porous tissue is making passengers sick.

This weekend three cruise ships returned to US ports with sick passengers.  While in the Falkands officials refused to let a sick ship dock.   The primary suspect is a Norovirus outbreak on these cruise ships has caused the illness of hundreds of passengers and crew.  This virus is transmitted by fecal contaminated food or water, person-to-person contact, or contaminated surfaces.  It brings me back to my file cabinet where I know I have some cruise ship toilet paper filed away.  But still, after an exhaustive search, the file from my last cruise is still missing.....  You must be asking why would the TRAVEL BLOGGER bring home toilet paper from a cruise?  Because I'm a firm believer that the thin toilet paper used on many, if not all, cruise ships today may be making people sick. 

Think about it.  Passengers have a bathroom hygiene routine that may be perfectly fine when using high quality toilet tissue found at your local supermarket.  But that same habitual pattern may not be enough to overcome the thin single-ply biodegradable toilet paper used on cruise ships.  Most cruise ships have sophisticated liquid waste handling systems and the toilet paper they use is specifically designed to dissolve quickly and not inhibit the treatment process.  Cruise lines take the processing of all cruise ship waste products very seriously.  And a variety of regulations, worldwide, national, and local are in place.

Another potential source of fecal contamination is the very aggressive flushing systems in cruise ship toilets.  Many ship toilets use a vacuum suction to remove the waste from the toilet bowl.  During this process I suspect that some small microscopic droplets of waste water from the bowl are sent into the air.  (I read that this has already been investigated in residential bathrooms.) This may be one of the reasons why many of the cruise ship toilets I've seen have signs that ask you to close the lid before flushing.  Some even place the flush button in a way that requires you to close the lid before flushing.  But I wonder if even with the lid closed some very small droplets are sent airborne.  The passenger may open the toilet during or immediately after the flush cycle to check to see it everything was removed.  Releasing droplets that then fall on surfaces in the small bathroom space.  These surfaces that are often warm and moist, conditions that would be prime for growth of the Norovirus.

Both these causes are complete speculation on my part.  I have no evidence that these two issues are what are making passengers sick.  I have to believe that cruise lines have studied these issues and their effects on passenger health.

I'll see if I can't track down more details from the Cruise Industry and keep you informed.  Drop me a note if you have any info and I will pass it along here.  -TravelBlogger

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New Disney Dream Cruise tries to please everybody -

The christening ceremony, complete with elaborate musical number, fireworks and a 16-foot champagne bottle, was typical in-your-face Disney. The best attributes of the company's newest cruise ship, though, aren't quite so over-the-top.

Oh, the 4,000-passenger Disney Dream certainly has some wows, like a 765-foot "water coaster" whose clear tubes wind and twist above the highest decks, but the Disney whimsy here is more understated than you might expect. Art deco interiors and other classic touches in common areas hark back to a time when only the very wealthy could afford to sail on ocean liners. From the atrium's massive chandelier to the plush theater, it's a grand display.

via  - Photo David Roark

Holland America returns to trans-Atlantic crossings

Passenger On Atalantic Crossing Cruise 
To commemorate Holland America Line's 40th anniversary of its evolution from traditional trans-Atlantic voyages to becoming entirely dedicated to vacation cruising, the premium line's ms Rotterdam is sailing two classic crossings in July 2011.

Rotterdam's nine-day trans-Atlantic sailing departs Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on July 3, 2011, and calls at the traditional crossing departure port of Southampton, England, before heading to New York. The July 12 trans-Atlantic departure returns to Rotterdam from New York over nine leisurely days with a call at Cobh (Cork), Ireland, another time-honored stop on crossings of the past. 


Cruise lines cancel calls on St. Kitts after passengers robbed at gunpoint - USATODAY

St. Kitts, Caribbean
The brazen robbery at gunpoint this weekend of a bus full of cruisers on St. Kitts has prompted at least two cruise lines to cancel calls on the island.

Carnival says the 2,124-passenger Carnival Miracle, scheduled to visit St. Kitts today, instead has headed to Antigua, and Princess Cruises' has announced the 2,600-passenger Grand Princess will make a similar detour on Wednesday.


Students On Ice Seeks Students, Chaperones for Antarctica Trip

Students on ice 
Sure, you can travel to Antarctica on a big, fat cruise liner and pay upwards of $20,000, or you can apply as a chaperone or student on Students on Ice, an
award-winning, 10-year-old organization offering educational expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic.

The Quebec-based organization has a few openings for chaperones and students to visit the Antarctic from Dec. 27, 2010 to Jan. 10, 2011.