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There’s no question that mid-range hotels, including extended stay suites, are doing more to lure in family travelers, particularly on the weekends. Indoor pools, Wi-Fi access and in-room refrigerators are the norm. Most chain hotels offer free breakfast, too. But when it comes to getting the family off to a great start, which hotels offer the best free breakfasts? via

American Airlines to try 'in-flight happy hour' -

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American Airlines says it will give happy hour pricing next month to customers buying alcohol on its flights departing during the 5-o'clock hour. Starting Dec. 1, the carrier's "5@5" happy hour promotion will feature $5 alcoholic drinks on flights in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean that depart between 5 p.m. and 5:59 p.m. (local times).


French cuisine named 'intangible' world heritage - Yahoo! News

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The UN cultural organisation on Tuesday added Spain's flamenco dance and French cuisine -- a first-ever listing for gastronomy -- to the world's intangible cultural treasures.

UNESCO experts, gathered this week in the Kenyan capital, singled out French gastronomy as a "social custom aimed at celebrating the most important moments in the lives of individuals and groups".

France's multi-course gastronomic meal, with its rites and its presentation, therefore fulfilled the conditions for featuring on the list.


8 tips for booking a table at a 3-star Michelin restaurant | Chris


A lot of hungry people read and commented on my recent 3-star Parisian dining experiences at Le Meurice and Guy Savoy. In case you’re ready to shell out the dough yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience,  I asked Michelin for a few tips on how to score a hard-to-get reservation at a top restaurant. Here’s what they said:  

1. Be persistent: When the reservation phone line offers a continuous busy signal, become friends with your redial button. To multiply your chances, dial simultaneously from your home phone and cell phone (and, I’d say, recruit a friend or two to help). If you are making the reservation online, be the first to take advantage of a late cancellation by clicking “refresh” often. Also, visit the restaurant’s reservation page in the middle of the night, when most systems refresh their data.


The 20 greatest cities in the world for foodies |


Once upon a time, the world's food capitals were a mere few well-known locales like Paris, New York, and Bangkok. All the action #and the eyes, and the forks# were focused there.

Recently, though, many areas of the world have expanded and improved both their menus and their talents in the kitchen, resulting in far more places staking their claims in the classy world of quality dining. Similarly, other cities have quietly cultivated some of the most amazing farmer's markets on the globe, and their passion for fresh food has spread throughout their communities. Taken together, the following are the crème de la crème -- the Greatest Cities in the World for Foodies.