100th Hotel Under St. Regis and The Luxury Collection Brands

The Liberty Hotel Boston joins The Luxury Collection Portfolio

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. (NYSE: HOT) announced today that the owners of the Liberty Hotel in Boston have signed a license agreement for the award winning historic property making the Liberty the 100th property to join Starwood's Luxury Brands: St. Regis & The Luxury Collection, and its first in Boston. With this milestone, Starwood continues to stand out as the world's leader in luxury hospitality with more hotels in more markets than any competitors in this segment, offering guests exceptional service levels and luxury experiences in a wide range of destinations across the globe.

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Hospitality Business News: Keep Track of Bad Guests


The purpose is to help Hotel Operators determine whether or not they should accept a reservation from certain people or, simply pass. To say that this a new concept would not be true. What's new is the trend to organize and distribute this data among hotels and, perhaps in the future, restaurants. Many hotels now refuse guests based on their perceived or real behaviour. For example many hotels in Florida and the Caribbean will not accept reservations for "Spring Break" groups. In Europe hotels shy away from groups of British Soccer fans.

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Revenge of the hotel clerks: 5 things they’ll do to difficult guests

Bs_exterior_ hotel_986803

If you think your hotel clerk is out to get you, you might be right.

Hotel employees are people, too — people under a lot of pressure. And although you might not have noticed it, there’s a price to be paid for the dirt-cheap hotel rates you’ve seen lately. The lodging industry is cutting staff, freezing salaries and eliminating perks for its workers.

Result: Hotel employees are grumpier than ever. It doesn’t take much to set them off, either.

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Harrah's uses resort fees to take swing at competitors - Las Vegas Sun


This is a great move by Harra's.  I hate resort fees.  Here is a list of Vegas hotels that charge resort fees. TB

Struggling under a mammoth debt burden in penny-pinching times, Strip casino giant Harrah's Entertainment is taking the offensive with a press release informing consumers that none of the company's Las Vegas hotels charge so-called mandatory resort fees.

The release also takes a broad swipe at the competition, including the many Las Vegas hotels that charge such fees.

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Small Hotel Improvements Make Big Differences to Business Travelers


Looks like biz travelers would rather have free internet and parking rather than fancy lobbies. TB

A new national survey of business travelers by D. K. Shifflet & Associates found that the top rated, and somewhat costly to deliver, hotel services are no surprise: free internet, free parking, sound proof walls, smoke free hotel and free breakfast. The more surprising result however, is that smaller and less costly room improvements make almost as much difference as the free continental breakfast. 

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Where Your Credit Card is Most Likely to Be Stolen - ABC


Credit Card Fraud Thieves at Hotels.  Your next hotel room might end up costing you more than you expected.

More PhotosIt turns out hotels have now surpassed restaurants for the top spot where your credit card data is most likely to be stolen, according to one firm that tracks such thefts.

Hackers are finding hotels and their booking centers prime targets. The reservation centers often have thousands of credit card numbers on file and one successful break can yield plenty of numbers for an illegal shopping spree.

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Resort fee epidemic continues to Vegas

las vegas strip by night

The travel industry has seen many innovations in the last decades, some popular, some less so. Most of them, of course, geared towards improving the bottom line.

But few innovations are as universally unpopular as resort fees. While a few hotels make them optional, most properties now have them as a mandatory part of the hotel rate. We’re not talking a few dollars anymore. Many hotels in Hawaii now charge $25 per night, and that doesn’t always include parking.

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