Video: No female TSA agents means no flight for Denver woman - KDVR

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DENVER -- A Denver woman claims she couldn’t board a flight from Wyoming to Denver because of her gender. Jennifer Winning makes the flight from the small airport of Rock Springs, WY to Denver often, but on January 29th it was different.

“They wouldn`t let me get on the plane because I`m female,” Winning said.

She said she checked in and arrived at security about 35 minutes before the scheduled departure of her United flight.


TSA is blaming Delta. This is a very small airport. They just saw here at the check-in desk. And they closed the flight without her?  Other press coverage says Winning went outside and waited for her plane to land, thinking it would land and she would go inside.  It landed, she went inside, and TSA is saying the flight was closed by Delta.  Winning says she had a lengthly converstation with TSA agent who told her if she was a man he would screen her.  She watched her fellow passengers board the plane.  TB

Priceline Kills Off "THE NEGOTIATOR"

New commercial from Priceline shows William Shatner crashing to a fiery death.... Or did he maybe get "beamed up" at the last minute?  Will we ever see "The Negotiator" again?   Shatner is still said to be under contract with Priceline...maybe a Superbowl ad?  Priceline hopes the ad campaign will educate the public that they also offer instant bookings of hotel rooms. TB


U.S. expands travel warning for Mexico

More violence over a wider area in Mexico has caused the U.S. State Department to expand a warning against travel to the country.

The new warning includes the Gulf of California resort area known as Rocky Point and the area in Mexico around the border crossing nearest Tucson. It also warns of continued problems with violence and crime in popular tourist cities such as Monterrey and Acapulco.


Texas Officials Warn Students Not to Travel to Mexico for Spring Break - FoxNews

Mexican Federal Police 
The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued a travel warning to college students on spring break, urging them not to travel to Mexico, reports.

Authorities are pointing to several recent incidents of drug-related violence in the country, including the murders of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent and two El Paso boys last month.

DPS Assistant Chief Tom Vinger said many American students feel invincible while vacationing in popular spring break destinations, like Cancun or Acapulco.


Nazi salute gets tourist arrested - USATODAY

An unidentified 30-year-old Canadian tourist was arrested over the weekend in Berlin for giving the Nazi salute while a friend photographed him. The pair were outside the historic Reichstag parliament building, when police arrested the man and confiscated the memory card from his companion's camera, according to news reports


New Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial Opens

The USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center was sinking slowly into the waters of Oahu’s Pearl Harbor.

Not the actual USS Arizona Memorial, which since its 1962 dedication has rested solemnly in the middle of the harbor above the sunken hull of the famed World War II battleship. But the 30-year-old visitor center on the shores of Pearl Harbor, which annually prepared 1.5 million visitors for the ferry ride to the Alfred Preis-designed memorial.


How to survive a flight on National Opt-Out Day

Here at LAX it is estimated that only 1 in 100 is currently being selected for enhanced screening with scanners.  I suspect if things get backed up they will change the ratio to ease any problems.  Just for the the day....  FYI: only 400 machines are installed at 69 airports nationwide.   TB

Now what?  The TSA won’t change the way it screens passengers, even when threatened with a major protest action on one of the busiest air travel days of the year.

How do you survive what, even under ideal circumstances, is a dreadful day to be flying?