My TSA iPhone App and Mobile Website

The mobile optimized MY TSA website and iPhone app provide TSA and FAA airport data.  It offers access to Security Checkpoint Wait Times and Airport Flight Delay times.  Well... That was the intention, but in typical government fashion it doesn't really work....


A few issues...  When you enter a specific airport code the software takes you to a screen with the option to select from a list containing the one airport you requested. This adds more unneccessary clicks to the navigation process.  And when using a mobile device less is more, fewer clicks and fewer screen downloads make the world a better place.

BUT WHY BOTHER!!!  It appears that every airport has a Security Checkpoint Wait Time of 31+ minutes...   But if you click the link "View More Security Wait Times" you will see more detailed information.  At this moment LAX is listed with a 31+ minute general security delay, the detailed listing shows each terminal, none of which has a wait time longer than 30 minutes.  Right now they range from NO WAIT to 30 minutes.  PROBLEM IS that the screen times show when they were last updated.  The most recent delay update was 20 hours old, the oldest update was for terminal 4 updated 20 DAYS AGO.

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It is important to note that the data displayed is from fellow travelers, not the TSA.  And when your busy getting your personal belongings ready for screening who is going to pull out an app and enter the wait time.  Well, I guess not many.....  Get the iPhone App - The mobile website

Staying Connected Gets Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper


Voice over internet Services like Skype,, and Google talk,, have changed the way I communicate while on the road. TB 

When I was a gawky teenager, my parents took me to Europe, broadened my horizon, and changed my life. After I graduated high school, I was ready to travel to Europe on my own, but my parents were nervous. To earn their blessing, I had to make two promises: I wouldn’t go to Turkey (because they were worried I’d be sold into the white slave trade) and I’d write home every other day. My dad figured that if the postcards stopped coming, at least he’d know where to begin looking.

Today, it’s a new world. When my kids travel to Europe, I can track them down instantly on their cell phones. What’s even more remarkable, if we both use a computer, I can see them while we talk — usually at no cost to either of us.


FlightTrack - Phone App Review

Flighttrack_droid_app FlightTrack delivers real-time airline flight status directly to your iPhone or Android phones.  This is one of the most popular smart phone applications on the market.  It displays flight time and gate info along with a map display of the flights current location of both domestic and international flights.  The app can also tell your the planes current altitude and speed.

It comes in two versions, a basic version and a Pro.  The Pro version is designed for the more frequent flier.  It integrates with users account, easily populating your travel data into FlightTrack Pro.  The enhanced version also offers airport details, such as current temperature, local time, 10-day weather forcasts and FAA airport delays.  These are just a few of the added Pro features.

iPhone users have the option of Basic for 4.99, Pro for 9.99, upgrade from Basic to Pro for 4.99.  Android users: Basic 4.99, upgrade to Pro 4.99.  A Blackberry version is in beta now and will be available soon.  You can purchase this app via your phones market place option.  Here is a link to the products site.  The software developers Facebook page appears abandond, their Twitter feed is active.

You can get some of the same data for free via a simple mobile focused webpage provided by the source of FlightTracks data, FightView Mobile.  But the phone apps provide a much better smartphone interface and more info.

I'll do a video on this app during my next trip.  For now here is one from YouTube.