Bumping off your travel partner: tips for the perfect travel murder


I wasn't sure what category to place this under... Travel Tips?  TB.

This colourful topic arose as an after-dinner conversation on our holiday with fellow travellers and was admittedly fuelled by a drink or two along the way. I thought it worth sharing here purely as entertainment, and certainly not to provide anyone with ideas of how to mysteriously dispose of the love of their life. So as the saying goes, please do not try any of these at home. As the post will demonstrate, each method has its serious pitfalls.

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7 travel rules you should break | Gadling.com


I am not what you would call a rebel. I floss nightly. I chew each bite of food at least 20 times before swallowing, for fear of choking. As a kid, I colored between the lines. In short: I obey the rules. I always have.

But lately, I've noticed a little rebellious streak has emerged within me, particularly in the realm of travel. I've realized that a lot of people like to issue travel rules. Definitive statements about what we should and shouldn't do as travelers. And frankly, that seems silly.

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Bike Sharing with B-Cycle in Denver CO | bcycle.com

B-cycle station

Seems like Denver may not have be the best place to launch this new service.  But in warmer locations I could see such a system being great for visitors. TB

B-cycle was built to make getting around your city easier. It’s for people on the go. Whether you’re grabbing coffee or commuting to work, B-cycle is a quick, easy, and cheap alternative to being stuck in a car.

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Four times to skip a travel agent | CNN.com


Want to go somewhere? Book the trip yourself.

About half of all leisure trips are reserved online -- give or take a few percentage points -- according to several recent surveys. The latest, a Forrester Research study which showed an unexpected drop in the number of U.S. leisure travelers who booked online (it fell from 53 percent in 2007 to 46 percent last year) was a boost to traditional travel agents, who thought their days were numbered.

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Why Three Isn’t Always a Crowd When Traveling | BootsnAll


When choosing a travel companion there are so many things to consider. Many choose to travel with friends, others with their significant other and some go at it alone. So when I ventured out on a year-long trip abroad, choosing a travel companion was of the upmost importance. My boyfriend and I planned our RTW adventure together for over two years so when we decided to add a third wheel to the mix, many thought we were crazy.

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Vacation Rentals: Summer Travel Savings Tips | ABC News


Vacation rentals continue to be a popular and growing part of the accommodations spectrum. Compared with hotels, motels and resorts, they offer some combination of more room for the dollar, lower cost per person, often superior locations, and the ability to cut costs by preparing some of your own meals. Unlike hotels and motels, however, the vacation rental marketplace is chaotic, and you may well wonder how to approach it.

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