'Up to Speed' is one trippy travel show - NBCnews

Armchair travelers who find most travel shows a bit too slow — you know, earnest host visits exotic destination and waxes rhapsodic about the major landmarks — are about to get the chance to pick up the pace a bit.

Premiering Aug. 9 on Hulu.com, “Up to Speed” is part travelogue, part performance art and wholly unlike any other travel show out there. Think Mork and Monty Python take Manhattan — and five other destinations — and you begin to get the idea. More:  itineraries.nbcnews.com


Show is on HULU - But you can watch it below.  Good concept but I could only take the hosts voice for about 5 minutes...  Also note that the above "NBC NEWS" story doesn't disclose that NBC owns part of Hulu. TB


PDN Magazine, August Travel & Location Issue

PDN Photo District News August 2012 Cover - Travel & Location Issue
PDN, Photo District News, magazine is published for professional photographers, but those who wish to improve their photography skills can always benefit from this beautiful magazine.  Especially with the August Travel & Location Photography Issue, on newsstands now.  Each month PDN offers great technical information and insights into the creative process.   TB

BOOK: Conde Nast Traveler: 25 Years of Photography

Arrived OK, service for fliers.

Tell ArrivedOK.mobi your destination and who you want to notify when you arrive.  When you land and turn on your cell phone the ArrivedOK service sees your phone pop up on the network and sends emails, text messages, and posts to social media site messages you have pre-programmed.  I personally see myself using this, but for some folks with lots of contacts this could be helpful.  You could set it all up before you leave, or while on the flight via onboard WiFi, saving you sending multiple messages just as you land.   www.ArrivedOK.mobi


Should You Use A Luggage Lock?

Is it worth having a lock on your luggage?  Some say don’t bother, luggage locks are cheap and easily cut off.  But I say Yes, put a lock on your suitcase.  My favorite is the luggage lock from WordLock.   It is a TSA approved padlock that uses a four letter word you select as the combination and the TSA have a key to open it if needed.

WordLock on my zipper luggage.

But if you suitcase has a zipper don’t even think that it is secure from an experienced thief.  Just watch the video below:


How do you get around the zipper issue?  Use a hard shell suitcase that can be secured with a TSA approved padlock when you are flying, and using a sturdy padlock when on the ground.  Pelican or Zero Halliburton make high quality cases that use TSA locks built-in or are designed to take padlocks.  When buying a suit case that doesn’t use a zipper make sure they take a real padlock. 

Pelican cases are heavy duty plastic cases that are designed more for transporting equipment than clothing.  Zero Halliburton cases are more expensive and might make the suitcase a target for thieves that think that an expensive suitcase has valuable contents.  A new supplier is Nanuk, I haven't seen them in person.

Some zippered suitcases allow you to lock the zippers handles to a stationary location on the case.  This defeats the ability to repair/close the zipper after a bad guy has forced the zipper open with a sharp object as seen in the video. 

Cruise ship luggage sits in the rain.
I also like hard cases over fabric cases because they help protect your valuables from rain or liquids that may break in another suitcase on a flight.   Picking up your suitcase and noticing it smells like wine, made me a believer in hard cases. 

It happened to me at the end of a trip, if it had happened at the start it would have been a disaster.   I still use some old soft cases, but put everything in a plastic bags.  I’ve also found that if you frequently travel in the tropics fabric luggage can degrade and fall apart quickly. TB

Video: The Mob Museum Opens in Las Vegas

The Nationa Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, aka The Mob Museum, has opened in Las Vegas. Displaying iconic artifacts of mob history from across the country in the cities historic old Federal Building. Engaging exhibs and multi-sensory presentations take you back to the days of the mobsters.

Todays slogan "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" harkens back to the days of mob owned hotels of Las Vegas. When "Sin City" was the place good boys & girls could be bad.  www.TheMobMuseum.org TB


Priceline Kills Off "THE NEGOTIATOR"

New commercial from Priceline shows William Shatner crashing to a fiery death.... Or did he maybe get "beamed up" at the last minute?  Will we ever see "The Negotiator" again?   Shatner is still said to be under contract with Priceline...maybe a Superbowl ad?  Priceline hopes the ad campaign will educate the public that they also offer instant bookings of hotel rooms. TB